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Emotion, yet peace.
Ignorance, yet knowledge.
Passion, yet serenity.
Chaos, yet harmony.
Death, yet the Force.

Nothing is true; Everything is permitted.

I will believe in dragons for as long as I run with dragons.

Catch me in the pit like…

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etherealmenace asked: What is a straightedge clothing company? How does a clothing company become identified in that context unless they put certain logos or images on their products, or market them in a way inconsistent with the straightedge paradigm?


Its anyone with access to a screen printing set up and like to throw the same shitty design that 30 other companies came up with, that they ripped off of some band. Don’t get me wrong some symbols are Iconic to the name, but I get pretty bored of the same design over the same camo shirt that has been used a million times. http://madeintheusa.storenvy.com/collections/507553-shirts/products/3853294-american-straight-edge-till-death this shirt in particular is a rip of album art from the band chain of strength, and this shirt is a rip off the judge logo http://madeintheusa.storenvy.com/collections/507553-shirts/products/818510-american-sxe-hammers, this shirt is a rip off of the band Terror whos tshirt says “Keepers of the Faith” http://madeintheusa.storenvy.com/collections/507553-shirts/products/415086-keepers-of-the-beard-shirt. I mean I understand that there is only so many way you can put that kind of symbolism on something. But its pretty annoying to me when I can directly point out some that’s a rip off in a community that preaches DIY and Originality.

It’s not so much “rip off” but an homage. Its basically how a band covers another band out of respect and admiration. But in this case its with clothing. There’s nothing wrong with that. If you want to stick to DIY then go for it but don’t put down someone’s work, especially within our own community. We’re all just trying to get by and spread a little pride man :)


If you are under 18 and claim to be “straight-edge” you sir or ma’am are a fucking idiot! You are merely abiding by the law.

On a side note, any Melbourne people wanna get high and listen to records with me?

I can never tell if people are trolling anymore -_-

Anonymous asked: Straight edge is just that you don't drink or do drugs, right?


At its basest, yes. (I do have a straight edge FAQ btw)

Straight Edge FAQ? Why are people going to a fall out boy fan for answers about the Straight Edge?



People who smoke and drink complain more about straight edge people than straight edge people complain about people who smoke and drink.

that is not true of those that I know (I’m not really either one group or the other, soz), so many pretentious ‘christians’ and others who think they have the moral high ground by refraining, who think they’re above others just because they go to church or something. the ‘real’ christians that i know don’t give give a shit.

Christianity/religion has LITERALLY NOTHING to do with the Straight Edge or being even being sober…

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Rad shirts, hats, hoodies and more. Check it out!


Rad shirts, hats, hoodies and more. Check it out!

Evelyn with her auntie xKatetheGreatx reppin American Straight Edge

Evelyn with her auntie xKatetheGreatx reppin American Straight Edge